The MacRumors Show: Luke Miani Talks the Future of iPad and More

YouTuber Luke Miani joins us on this week's episode of The MacRumors Show to discuss the new Apple Pencil with USB-C, the direction of the iPad lineup, and Vision Pro.

We talk through our immediate thoughts on Apple's newly announced ‌Apple Pencil‌ model featuring a USB-C port for pairing and charging, leading us to contemplate how to clean up the ‌iPad‌ lineup as a whole. We compare Apple's Vision Pro headset to the ‌iPad‌ and consider whether it is destined for similar criticisms or if it truly offers more potential in the long-term. We also discuss the latest rumors about a foldable iPad, which a recent report suggested could be announced as soon as next year, and whether such a device could breathe new life into the ‌iPad‌ lineup.

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If you haven't already listened to the previous episode of The MacRumors Show, catch up for our discussion with Lucid Senior Vice President of Digital and former Apple executive Mike Bell about the iPhone, AirPort, Vision Pro, CarPlay, and more.

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dandy1117 Avatar
23 weeks ago
I often repost this message during iPad Pro discussions by "pundits" and forum members.

My company develops B2B iPad solutions. One of our clients is a medium-sized real estate firm. They deployed a custom iPad app to their staff. The staff considers the iPad the most powerful computer they’ve ever used because it significantly improves their professional workflow. In the field, with long battery life and integrated wireless connectivity, they can upload real estate property pictures, edit the inventory database, prepare and sign documents, conduct video tours and conferences using the front and rear cameras simultaneously (and watch ESPN while waiting for clients! Shhh!) We are implementing AR functionality so that they can do virtual staging based on the potential buyers' style or corporate branding theme. We can also use LiDAR for automatic floor plan updates and measurements.

The tablet form factor and iPadOS are not a limiting computing environment for them; quite the opposite. They can do more on the platform than the previous Windows setup with laptops. Similarly, we’ve developed iPad apps for medical offices and corporate-meeting production companies that see higher productivity and significantly reduced IT maintenance costs after deploying iPads for some of their staff.

Again, these firms don’t consider custom iPadOS apps as limiting or for "basic" functions. I think that many people on online forums may not need a tablet for their computing needs and don't seem to consider the wide range of uses for the iPad as a computing platform for professionals.
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Fuzzball84 Avatar
23 weeks ago
Really enjoy Luke Mianis Youtube channel... especially his projects on fixing up older Apple hardware he finds on eBay etc

He has some really good commentary on the current state of Apples product lineups and buying advice for the average consumer too.
Score: 8 Votes (Like | Disagree)
Isengardtom Avatar
23 weeks ago

A bit harsh saying he doesn't understand the product... I think the vast majority of people understand the iPad as a product.
Ok fine, maybe a bit harsh but I would invite everyone to go through his videos on iPad content and count the positives vs the negative ones.He’s clearly biased against the iPad.

that doesn’t invalidate his opinion on it but I do thing it would at least be nice to hear the other side as well People that actually use it professionally

here’s my personal hot take: we went through a Mac refresh cycle with M series chips and design changes. Watch it be extremely stale for the next 3-5 years. Same as the iPad. Is the Mac dying??
Score: 5 Votes (Like | Disagree)
Spaceboi Scaphandre Avatar
23 weeks ago
This is my weekly post telling y'all that you need to get Jonathan Horst from Mac Address as a guest for the MacRumors Show.
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Fuzzball84 Avatar
23 weeks ago

I don't think the Vison Pro will replace your Apple Watch nor your iPhone. The Vision Pro will be a good tool for developers and for niche users who need that sort of thing. I agree that we will probably get a simpler version in the form of glasses or shades in the future and it will work together with all or most of the other devices like Apple Watches, iPhones, iPads, etc.

Your Apple Watch will be just another input device, your iPhone will be just another input device, your Mac will be just another input device that you will be able to use with VisionOS in a Vision Pro or whatever lower end model that would be more comfortable to wear in the future.
I think a cheaper version of the vision pro could do amazing service as a private cinema screen. If it is $1000 to $1500 with high resolution high contrast ratio it could negate the need for a 60 plus inch OLED TV if you watch a lot of movies (alone lol)

Id sure buy one for that purpose (and some AR now and again).
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Isengardtom Avatar
23 weeks ago

Really enjoy Luke Mianis Youtube channel... especially his projects on fixing up older Apple hardware he finds on eBay etc

He has some really good commentary on the current state of Apples product lineups and buying advice for the average consumer too.
He is great for Mac content, probably the best even, but he’s always negative on the iPad because as a video editor, the iPad isn’t for him and he doesn’t understand the product.

If MacRumors going to discuss the Future of the iPad... why not discuss it with someone who's content is iPad-focused like Chris of DailyTekK YT channel.

I see Luke Mani more Mac focused... still prefers to use their 2018 iPad Pro (which lacks the ability to take full advantage of iPadOS features).
Fully agree. Or Byte (Tom) or Christopher Lawley or Fernando from 9 to5Mac. In other words, actual iPad users
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