Our University Strategy, “Shared Vision, Shaped by Values”, recognises sustainability amongst ourcore values. We are committed to being an exemplar of climate action and recognise the critical rolethat universities must play in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals as the blueprint for asustainable future. NUI Galway, in its Sustainability Strategy recognises that the future of humanityContinue reading “Sustainability”

What others have done

Our team have been working with people to design new learning spaces for many years now and being a group of focused, dedicated and slightly obsessed perfectionist types we have amassed a huge library (excuse the pun) of other people’s work that we admire. Scott, one of our most senior designers (and co-company founder), regularlyContinue reading “What others have done”

Brutalism v Biophilia

As typical designers, we like the original concrete grid of the library, but that is because we have modernist architectural theory hammered into us at Art School.  Since leaving Art School and going into the real world, we have realised that it is not everyone’s cup of tea.  In fact, often these 1960/70’s structures can feel oppressive,Continue reading “Brutalism v Biophilia”

What might the future library offer?

In our opening post, we touched on the many different forms the future library might take. Although it is almost certain that books will remain a large part of a library’s content, the digitisation of journals and other stock has created space which in turn opens up opportunities for new services to be adopted byContinue reading “What might the future library offer?”

Poll Coming Soon

This blog is the core of our Creative Consultation process for NUI Galway, and it is all about gathering information from as many stakeholders and interested parties as possible. In the early stages of the project, we held ‘Questionshops’, a social distance-friendly mashup of workshops and questionnaires with the Library, Buildings and Estates and CELTContinue reading “Poll Coming Soon”

Future NUI Galway Library / Learning Commons

There are many theories and concepts currently floated about the future library model and what this might provide. One of the most popular is simple – that the library must shift from a place of knowledge consumption to one of production. At the extreme, this would be like a marketplace or workshop where people canContinue reading “Future NUI Galway Library / Learning Commons”

Future Libraries

In the last decade, Libraries have changed more radically than at any other time in their history. The development of new technologies has changed the way people access and retrieve information forever placing the traditional notion of the Library as a place packed with shelf upon shelf of books and people in quiet contemplation inContinue reading “Future Libraries”