What others have done

Our team have been working with people to design new learning spaces for many years now and being a group of focused, dedicated and slightly obsessed perfectionist types we have amassed a huge library (excuse the pun) of other people’s work that we admire.

Scott, one of our most senior designers (and co-company founder), regularly reviews new projects from around the globe to see what we can learn from others, and he has put together countless presentations for our clients on the topic.

Our reference pool stretches outside of education as we think it is important to look at the places where students might be living, working and playing in the future. We wanted to share some of these fantastic projects with you, but there were far too many, so we selected our top ten libraries.

Behind the scenes, we have been working with the Library, Buildings and Estates and CELT and we asked for their top spots.  

It would be great to hear what you think of these projects.  Alternatively, you may have some suggestions of your own that we would love to see.   Leave your comments below, or message us at @nuignewlibrary

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