Transforming NUI Galway’s Library

NUI Galway is seeking to create a new Library/Learning Commons of the future and wants you to help inform the design

Your vision for your future library

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Identity & Belonging

The notion of identity is an often overlooked yet critical aspect of creating a new space. A good identity will connect with people, giving them a sense of pride and a feeling of belonging. In our experience, understanding the real, rather than the perceived identity of a community is often the route to creating a truly lasting and successful place.

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Existing library

The Project

The National University of Ireland Galway is seeking to create a new model Library/Learning Commons fit for the future. The University wants to create something unique. To help achieve this, the University has taken a bold and different approach from the outset and asked the team at Nomad to consult with the major stakeholders – you – to gather thoughts and ideas to help build a new vision for the Library/Learning Commons.

We are confident that you will be brimming with the best ideas for a new model Library/Learning Commons. This is your chance to help shape a landmark project at the University and leave your mark! We will be running a series of stories over the coming weeks along with polls and other updates, and we want you to interact with this as much as you can. Let us know your thoughts and ideas by commenting in the usual way or why not message us @nuigNewLibrary

The current building was constructed in 1973, with the most recent major redevelopment taking place in 1999.

The Library is named in honour of James Hardiman who was the University’s first Librarian.

Stakeholder Engagement

Nomad RDC

Design & Innovation consultants

Nomad RDC Ltd is a people-centred design practice that specialises in Creative Consultation and the design of people-centred places. In the last decade, Nomad has worked with 32 Universities and Colleges where we have consulted with tens of thousands of students, staff and members of the public via creative consultation projects. 

University hopes

Library Team

Let’s think big and influence the transformation of the Library building into a space that inspires scholarship, creativity and interaction, a place for learning, collaboration and contemplation.

What kinds of spaces, furnishings and technologies would work well for you? ”

Buildings & Estates Team

In our world facing climate challenges, what better way for our university community to embrace sustainability than to reimagine one of its most important buildings.

Regenerating, transforming and refocusing its central position not only to our campus but to learning and knowledge sharing. The new learning commons will bring new life into old, fostering a sense of collaboration, collegiality and community.


Centre for Excellence in Learning & Teaching Team

“The new Learning Commons presents a fantastic opportunity to shape the learning environment for students, and restore the sense of a library being the beating heart of a university: a place not just for storing knowledge of the past, but for exploration and creativity, for developing and sharing new ideas and for engaging students and staff in common purpose.”

“Renewing higher education for the needs of our time and our place demands new types of space that allow deeper forms of engagement and new forms of connection between teaching, learning, research, and scholarship. This investment provides an opportunity to reconceive the library as an inclusive, accessible centre for active learning, a place of shared curiosity and for the co-development of knowledge and understanding in the world and for the world.”

– Professor Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh, President of NUI Galway

The Team

Nomad RDC

Design & Innovation Consultants

Role: Vision Brief and Stakeholder Engagement

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The world’s premier infrastructure consulting firm.

Role: Project Managers and Cost Management.

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Design Team

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The Library, Buildings & Estates, CELT.

Role: Primary Stakeholders

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